To register a student please complete the form and return it back to the admin office at Masjid Riza.


  • Make sure student arrives on time at Masjid Riza.
  • First Session starts at 4:30 PM promptly and finishes at 6:00 PM.
  • Second Session starts at 6:00 PM promptly and finishes at 7:30 PM
  • If student is absent, then an explanation note must be sent the next day or office informed by phone call.
  • Students must wear madrassah uniform which is Shalwaar Kameez or Jubba. No exceptions to this rule.
  • Make the Masjid Office aware of any issues at home which can affect the student work or behaviour.
  • Attend the Masjid to discuss student progress on a regular basis with teachers.
  • Provide support to the student regarding any homework or learning activities to strengthen their knowledge of Islam & help re-inforce good manners.
  • Make Sure Madrassah Fees Are Paid On Time Each Month.

All parents are requested to constantly remind their children about Islamic etiquettes and the importance of respect and behaviour towards everyone around them.

The following behaviour rules shall be directed towards students and must be observed at all times:

  • NEVER play around in the masjid and madrassah.
  • NEVER shout or make loud noise inside or outside the classroom. Raise your hand if you need to speak to the teacher.
  • NEVER bring sweets, drinks or chocolates in the classroom.
  • NEVER fight, strike, or spit at anyone for any reason.
  • NEVER damage other people’s property including Qurans, Books, benches, doors, walls, windows etc.
  • ALWAYS walk quietly and sensibly around the madrassah and masjid premises.
  • NEVER use abusive language or swear or be rude to teachers or any other member of the madrassah staff.
  • NEVER call anyone names or make fun of them or bully anyone in the Madrasah.
  • NEVER bring any weapon or harmful substance to the Madrasah like knives, or substances such as cigarettes or drugs.
  • ALWAYS learn your lessons beforehand and come to the Madrasah on time with Wudhu and all essential items (i.e. books).

All madrassah classes are run on a ZERO TOLERANCE approach. Any bad behaviour or disobedience by the pupil will not be tolerated & parents will be contacted. If the bad behaviour continues then the pupil will be dismissed from the madrassah immediately.

Students must bring Prayer Mat, Face Mask and a carrier bag for their shoes when attending Madrassah at the Masjid.