Aslamu Alaikum to All

On Wednesday 8th April is Shabraat Night. Inshallah Masjid Riza will be doing a live broadcast on Analogue Azaan Radio, Digital Internet Radio and via Facebook after Namaaze Isha. This broadcast will start just after 10:00 PM.

InshAllah there will be Quran Talawat by Hafiz Qasim and then a speech by Hafiz Hamad. The duration of this broadcast will be around 1 hour. We request all Muslim Brothers, Sisters to join us at home and take part in the Dua at the end.

Please note there will no congregation at the Masjid. Masjid doors will remain locked and will not be opened for anyone. So please remain at home and listen via radio, watch the broadcast via appropriate means.


May Allah protect us all from all illnesses.